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Mission Statement

Doutta Galla provides high quality, culturally appropriate and accessible primary, community and mental health services with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.
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View Doutta Galla's current job vacancies as well as volunteer opportunities.

With working flexibility, generous salary packaging, and a staff well-being program Doutta Galla ensures staff staff enjoy a supportive team environment, has access to career and professional development, and encourges a strong community spirit amongst its staff.

Doutta Galla is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is a smoke free workplace that is committed to the Prevention of Violence against Women.

Doutta Galla at RMIT

Volunteer Fair

Doutta Galla actively attends regular career expos and University open days around Melbourne to encourage volunteers to join Doutta and for graduates to apply for our various roles.

On Tuesday 19 March Doutta Galla presented at the RMIT forum to provide students with information about Doutta Galla career prospects once they graduate .

Human Resources Officer Katrina, said the event was a success, with many students interested and involved in the presentation.

Doutta Galla also had a promotional stand for interested students to ask questions and gain additional information.

This initiative followed a successful appearance by Doutta Galla at the 2012 RMIT Volunteer Expo. This is an annual event aimed at informing students about the benefits of volunteering and providing them with opportunities to gain positions.

( Photo - left to right - HR officer Katrina and Community Development Officer Katherine at the stand).

Meet our staff

Kelly Pudge

Kelly Pudge

Position: Senior Activity Worker

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I have been at Essendon Adult Day Centre (EADC) for six years which became part of Doutta Galla so I’ve part of of Doutta Galla for two years.

My first job was working as a Bell Girl at the Grand Hyatt in the city. I worked there for four years, before securing a job at Myer in the city.

I moved my way up into Myer’s customer relations team, then moved to EADC, and have been here ever since.

What tasks does your position involve on a typical day?

My position is very busy and requires lots of energy. My main task is ensuring that some of the community’s most vulnerable citizens are in a safe environment. This involves facilitating interactions between people so they feel comfortable engaging with each other.

I also support clients with daily living activities, such as personal care and preparing meals. This support is also on an emotional level and being understanding and sympathetic towards them.

What skills do you need for your type of work?

Patience! Sometimes clients just don’t want to listen, or it takes them a long time to understand a simple task.
I also need to put myself in my clients’ shoes and understand how situations can affect individuals. They all have different needs, so I need to make myself available, finally, a sense of humour. I want my clients to have fun and enjoy their lives, so it’s my job to entertain them!

What are the challenges of your work?

Having to be a different person to everyone in a short space of time so I need to be ready for any situation.
Thinking on your feet is a challenge too, as one person may have bad news, so I need to help them, yet also keep the rest of the group interested and happy.

What do you like most about working at Doutta Galla?

It is a large, successful organisation that really makes a difference in the community.

The staff forums are good fun and informative. I think it is amazing to be part of a team with many inspiring female leaders, especially Caz, the CEO. The difference she has made to Doutta Galla is noticeable and good for the community and the business.

Dean Alexander

Dean Alexander

Position: Outreach Team Leader

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I worked for eight years as a sales representative for a company selling electrical hospital equipment. I then worked at ASCO as a welfare worker for people with intellectual disabilities. I was there for two years,

Education-wise; I have a Diploma in Counselling, Certificate IV in Disability, Certificate IV in Mental Health and a Certificate IV in Drug and Alcohol.

How did you start working at Doutta Galla?

I wanted to specialise in the mental health area. I heard about a position at the Youth Residential Program in Essendon, so gave it a go. I was successful and stayed there for three years. After this I moved into a Team Leader position at Outreach at the Gracie Street site, where I have been ever since.

How long have you been working at Doutta Galla?

Seven years.

What tasks does your position involve (typical day)?

As Team Leader, I support staff in delivering high quality mental health services to clients in the community. I also undertake client risk management, which involves me assessing clients who are at risk of declining mental health, and making a decision on the best way to support the client through this.

I also promote and network with external organisations in order to establish strong partnerships across a wide range of mental health services throughout the community.

What skills do you need for your type of work?

Patience and empathy are the two main skills. Understanding the full scope of a client’s journey is important; as well as possessing tolerance and resilience towards stigma and attitudes which can often hinder recovery. Also a measured approach to your work and being a confident decision maker is important.

What are the challenges of your work?

Helping people recover from difficult situations is a very slow and often unappreciated job that requires a lot of effort.

Every client is different and the work can be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for anything and have a wide ranging skill set to negotiate any situations.

What do you like most about working at Doutta Galla?

The organisation supports its staff very well in completing their work. Doutta Galla is committed to delivering high quality services to all its clients and has a passionate workforce in place to make this happen.
There is a strong, positive culture within my team and I enjoy coming in to work every day. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

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