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Mission Statement

cohealth provides high quality, culturally appropriate and accessible primary, community and mental health services with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.
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Occupational therapy

In the community setting the occupational therapist is mainly involved in performing client home visits to provide education and make recommendations on increasing home safety and independence for clients and carers. This involves education and demonstration of alternative techniques and/or assessment and prescription of equipment.

The community Occupational Therapist role is primarily a consultancy, client advocacy type role. The Occupational Therapist is usually involved short term to assess clients, provide recommendations and complete follow-up (including referrals to other services, completing applications for equipment to funding bodies and completing letters of recommendation).

To make an appointment with one of our Occupational Therapists, phone our central intake service on (03) 8378 3500.

Who is eligible for the Occupational Therapy Service?

Occupational therapist

Doutta Galla Community Health Service employs Occupational Therapists who see people over the age of 18 or those under 55 with a disability who live within the City of Moonee Valley and the central business district of the City of Melbourne.

Who can refer to the Occupational Therapy Service?

The Occupational Therapists see people who are referred by:

  • Themselves
  • Their local doctor
  • The Royal District Nursing Service
  • The local council or
  • Other staff from Doutta Galla and other community service organisations

What to expect

On the home visit, the Occupational Therapist will complete an initial assessment and take a basic medical history to help identify any difficulties you are experiencing with step negotiation, using the shower or bath, getting on or off chairs, getting in or out of bed and completing daily tasks such as shopping, banking, housework and cooking.

What can the Occupational Therapist do?

The Occupational Therapist will work with you to increase your personal safety and independence around the home and in the community.

This could include equipment recommendations such as:

  • rails / banister rails / ramps
  • wheelchairs
  • scooters
  • assistive equipment e.g. shower stool, over toilet frame, raised toilet seat
  • bathroom modifications

Walking aids require a physiotherapy assessment.

To make an appointment with one of our Occupational Therapists, phone our central intake service on (03) 8378 3500.

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