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cohealth provides high quality, culturally appropriate and accessible primary, community and mental health services with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.
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A Podiatrist is a health professional who deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Who can use the Podiatrist service?

Podiatry Services funded by Home & Community Care Services are accessible to people who are frail and aged and young people with a disability.

Podiatry Services funded by Department of Human Services Community Health Program are accessible to clients who live, work or study in the cities of Moonee Valley and Melbourne.

Podiatry Services are accessible across all Doutta Galla sites.

When do I see a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are able to treat and help you to manage conditions that may involve:

  • Muscle and soft tissue injuries
  • Poor circulation and nerve supply
  • Skin and nail disorders
  • Arthritic joints
  • Heel pain
  • Sporting injuries

What does Podiatry treatment involve?

Once you have been assessed by your Podiatrist, treatment may include:

  • General skin/nail care
  • Wound care
  • Foot orthotics/insoles
  • Padding or strapping
  • Exercises
  • Advice regarding self care, footwear or physical activity

Foot care and older people

With years of ‘wear and tear’ on the feet and the development of multiple health problems, the feet of older people often require specialised attention.

There are many older people who are able to care for their own feet. The podiatrist can provide foot care education to assist them in remaining independent.


Diabetes may affect the whole body, but the eyes, heart, kidneys and feet are the greatest risk. Poor sensation and reduced blood supply are possible complications to the feet of a person that has diabetes.

A foot assessment by a podiatrist will help to detect any changes - before they may become a problem.


In treating foot pain, the podiatrist will often assess the anatomy and function of the foot and lower limb.

This assessment of the shape and motion of the limb allows for an effective diagnosis of the cause of the injuries and/or the development of deformities.

Group Activities

  • Shoe shopping tours
  • Foot care and footwear education sessions
  • Diabetes One Stop Shop
  • Diabetes management sessions

How to access the Podiatrist service

You may be referred by a Health Professional or may contact the service directly.

Due to high demand on podiatry services, we must prioritise clients according to medical history and circumstances.

If you are eligible for Work Cover, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and Transport Accident Commission Claims and have private health insurance with extras, you will be referred to a private podiatrist in the local area.

Home visits are strictly for housebound and bedbound people.

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