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cohealth provides high quality, culturally appropriate and accessible primary, community and mental health services with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.
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Arion Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC)

Arion is an 10-bed recovery and prevention program located in Flemington, Melbourne. Arion is a partnership between the Doutta Galla Community Health Service and the Inner West Area Mental Health Service. The program offers recovery for clients who have experienced an acute relapse (Step Down program) and relapse prevention (Step Up program).

Arion Prevention and Recovery Care

The Arion Prevention and Recovery Care provides residential treatment and support to people recovering from admission to a psychiatric unit, or to prevent a relapse of their psychiatric condition.

The Prevention and Recovery Care model ensures both clinical treatment and social support are available to residents to aid their recovery and to rejoin the community.

The service model is often referred to as Step-Up/Step-Down because it provides an opportunity for early intervention to prevent relapse (Step-Up) as well as an opportunity recover following an acute admission to a psychiatric inpatient unit (Step-Down).

The service provides short term stays of up to 28 days, although extended stays are possible depending upon the needs of the person.

An important part of the service is the creation of a positive community within a home-like setting, this enables participants to support and respect each other, to work together while preparing meals, cleaning and looking after the unit.

Arion seeks to work together with the person, their families and carers, and the local community to establish a support network that assists the person recover from their mental illness and lead a meaningful life.

Services Provided

Doutta Galla Recovery Workers work alongside participants to link with:

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  • Local health services
  • Housing services
  • Education, training and employment services
  • Mental health services
  • Recreational services

Individual work

The Collaborative Recovery Model at Arion PARC

Arion PARC staff work with consumers using the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM). The model is "evidence based", this means the model incorporates ways of working that have been researched, evaluated and proven helpful to consumers.

The staff and consumer use the CRM and tools to identify the consumers values and strengths, and use these to clarify the life direction the consumer wants their life to take and to plan how to achieve this.

Group Work

The core component of Arion PARC is the Optimal Health Program. The program will engage consumers in areas of:

  • symptom recognition
  • monitoring early warning signs
  • developing an action plan to support - daily coping skills, managing symptoms and medication, relapse prevention planning
  • understanding of stress, vulnerability and coping
  • maintaining wellness

Melbourne Health staff provide specialist clinical treatment for participants. Clinical staff are on site on a daily basis to provide active clinical support to participants. Health professionals include Consultant Psychiatrist and Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team clinicians.

Who is eligible to stay at Arion?

Consumer eligibility and suitability for a PARC stay will be assessed by senior clinicians at PARC, based on the following criteria:

Consumer 's aged 16-65 and living in the City of Moonee Valley or Melbourne local government areas.

Consumers exhibiting early warning signs of an acute illness and require increased support and treatment to prevent an inpatient admission.

Consumers who no longer require acute inpatient treatment but would benefit from continued support in returning to the community.

People who voluntarily agree to participate in the Arion PARC program.

How are referrals made?

Referrals are made by phoning the Arion Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team clinician or team leader on 9372 5977 who will discuss the potential referral with you.

Following acceptance of the referral a joint assessment by Arion Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team clinician and Arion staff will occur.

Referrals for clients who are case managed by Inner West Area Mental Health Service should be made in conjunction with the case manager.

Other Information

Arion Prevention and Recovery Care is an open, shared environment and participants must be able to maintain independent self care and behave in a way that is respectful of the rights of fellow participants.

Participants are expected to contribute to program expenses to cover the costs of food, utilities and some recreation activities. This is $10 per day.

Arion is staffed seven days a week:

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  • Recovery Workers are on site 24 hours a day.
  • Staff are available on active duty between 7.30am and 12.30am everyday and available in emergencies between 12.30am and 7.30am.
  • Clinical staff visit twice daily
  • The Arion Crisis Assessment Team clinician is on-site during business hours Monday to Friday
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