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Mission Statement

cohealth provides high quality, culturally appropriate and accessible primary, community and mental health services with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.
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Rocket front entrance


Rocket is a residential rehabilitation service in the western region for young people aged 16 - 24 with a diagnosis of mental illness. The young people are in the program for up to 12 months. The program focuses on young people and their steps to recovery and independence.

What does Rocket do?

Rocket offers young people a range of individual and group based supports & activities including:

  • Collaborative recovery model (CRM)
  • Daily living skills development
  • Communication and social skills
  • Decision making and problem solving skills
  • Recreation
  • Reducing illicit drug use/harm minimisation
  • Family issues
Rocket lounge area

Young people will also receive support to access:

  • Local health and counselling services
  • Education, training and employment services
  • Local council services
  • Mental health services
  • Housing Services
  • Drug and alcohol services

Referral Process

All Rocket referrals go through our intake worker based at Niddrie 8378 3500.
The intake worker will assess eligibility and then complete the referral.
The referral will then be sent to the Rocket team.
A Rocket worker will then be in contact to arrange an assessment time with the young person and their nominated supports.
This assessment is to determine the young persons support needs and to provide further information.
The young person will then be notified of the outcome and offered the appropiate support.

What else should I know?

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Q. Are their costs incurred for participating in the program?
A. Young people are charged a service fee which covers, rent, utilities and some recreation activities.

Q. Will participants have access to 24-hour crisis response?
A. Young people will develop their own support networks to access emergency/crisis supports and services.
Rocket also provides a 24-hour on call response.

Q. How many staff does the program employ?
A. Rocket is staffed Monday to Thursday during the hours of 8am to 8pm and on Friday 8am to 6.30pm.

Q. How much freedom will I have?
A. Rocket is a semi structured program with a timetable of activities. Young people will negotiate with their worker which activities they are expected to attend. Young people will be supported to work towards identifing and achieving their goals.

Rocket's focus is on the psychosocial aspects of recovery/rehabilitation.

Medication is not supervised by Rocket. Where this is required the young person and their clinical support will negotiate a suitable medication regime.

General enquiries

For further general information email the Team Leader or phone 0407 684 621.

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